There's a new face joining Discovery Hall Programs! Chris Flight is DHP's new full-time education intern for the next year. He is busy working with DHP faculty learning the ins and outs of DHP's academic year classes and our upcoming summer programs, and will soon take the reins leading programs of his own!

Chris graduated from Eckerd College in May 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Science, specializing in marine biology. While at Eckerd, his studies focused on sharks and rays, and he completed his senior thesis on the genetic population structure of bonnethead sharks along the west coast of Florida.

As an undergrad, Chris created and found funding for an outreach program that brought shark dissections to Bay Point Middle School located in St. Petersburg, Florida. He also spent a summer in Rhode Island as a NOAA intern, helping to improve age determination for spiny dogfish and collecting data at shark fishing tournaments.

Chris comes from the Chicago area. Upon graduating, he moved back home and, according to Chris, “engaged in the classic post-graduate pastime of trying to find a job and move out of the house.”

In his free time, Chris enjoys spending time in the sun trying to become the tannest redhead in the world. He enjoys fishing, swimming, camping, beach volleyball, and lawn games like bocce ball, can jam, and bags. He golfs with tennis balls since it’s harder to break anything with them. He doesn’t claim to be a runner, but has completed a marathon and multiple half-marathon races, and he is currently actively competing in the 5-10k distance categories. He is a self-professed ‘tortoise’ when it comes to running, rather than the hare, so if you see someone sprinting around lunch time, it probably isn’t Chris.

With his strong marine science background and his interest in environmental education, DHP is thrilled to have Chris join their team. If you see him around campus, say “Hi!”