Visitors to the Estuarium at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab will be greeted with the "Making Connections" mural. This mural is a collaboration of artists Kathy Friedline and Earnest Kirkland of Theodore and Daphne respectively.

Depicting the marshes and waters of Mobile Bay, “Making Connections” highlights the importance of the marshes to the health and vibrance of the waters around which we call home.

Hundreds of thousands of students from all across Alabama and beyond experience these waters first-hand aboard the Dauphin Island Sea Lab's research vessels.

Commemorated in the mural is the Research Vessel A.E. Verrill which was retired in 2010 after more than 25 years of service. Today, the Research Vessel Alabama Discovery continues the mission of giving students and edcuators a greater understanding of the importance of the coastal waters play in the ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico. 

The marshes of Mobile Bay are a nursery to many animals which create livelihoods for many people along the Gulf Coast. Discovery Hall Programs and University Programs include trips to the salt marsh on Dauphin Island as a way to educate about protecting these areas and what they provide to the animals that call coastal Alabama home. 

Visit the Estuarium today to learn more about these habitats, and then discover how you can expand your learning with Discovery Hall Programs and University Programs.